Let's create scenes

Our system create test scene to let users to test our service, however users can create their own contractions of scenes. To create scene we need to go to “Scenes” page. There is button “create scene”, after clicking on it site redirect us on “scene creation” page. This page consists of 4th part: “Scene info”,”screen Layout ”,”content” and part of connected resources. Let's loot at this parts more particularly:

First part “Scene info”. We can see only one field here “Name”. It is name of future scene, you can fill in this field as you wish.


Second part “Screen Layout ”- this part describe layout of scene. We can select layout , set background image here. By default there are some useful layouts, but user can create own one by contractor of layout(i tell you about this in next article, now use default).




Third part is “content”, we can control ordering of showing resources here. Now we can see only one road, but amount of roads consists of layout. We can put resources on road to show it on client applications. To put content on road use drag-and-drop technology.



And finally part of connected resources. There are 3 sections: images,video,apps. To attach new image to scene use image section(by default there are some elements in each section, but you can add own content, it is very easy, you need to click on icon with symbol “+” and then you will see special dialog of adding new files), video section let us to control video content. Apps section serve to help us use dynamic content(like weather, clock's, social networks.