Digital Signage: from idea to complex solution.

Digital Signage: from idea to complex solution.

Control advertising units and other digital content management has never been so simple and effective. Our solutions are able to help you and your business:

• Set Commercials in the script with definite sequence and timing;

• Show related information to customers for their retention and / or forwarding, dynamic navigation;

• Place the internal information for employees;

• Display ambient and interior design elements using digital screens

Anysign gives you the tools to:

• Manage your digital content; obtain strict control for displayed information on selected groups of screens

• Intuitive control tools to manage hundreds and even thousands of screens from any location using a personal account on your PC.

• Output of additional information (weather, news tickers, social networks) using a plugin, or the ability to create stand-alone applications with support for HTML 5

To start you need two simple steps:

• Upload content to your personal cabinet

• Select the screens that will display information

Why us?

• The entire service cycle - from software to devices production and components supplied by us and is being developed in accordance with the high standards of compatibility

• Support 24/7: we are ready to help at any time, and suggest how to use the tools more effectively

• We use the latest technology to build the service: java 8, html 5, Android 5.1.1. Anysign interface is localized for three languages: English, Russian, Korean

Useful features:

• Applications and widgets for displaying additional information: weather, exchange rates, RSS.

• Intuitive and simple interface to add information to display script available to change time and view timetable

• Checking hits: detailed report with detailed information about number of shows and keeping statistics

• Show Schedule: Set the exact date and displays time for different scenarios can be a great marketing tool for active advertising strategies

• The service can operate without permanent Internet connection: Access to the network only need to change/replace the script and content.